Custer SD

Custer SD

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How many photos can a 512MB sd card hold in a Sanyo Digital camera…???I have a Sanyo digital camera. ( VPC-E760 ) and my mother bought it for me and she got it with a 512MB sd card. I looked everywhere in the manual to see how much it holds without the sd card and with the sd card.
The camera is a 7.1 mega pixels and the sd card is 512MB.
If you know how much photos it can hold please leave me a answer thank you.

Posted by Kratz
Custer SDHere is a table that shows the relationship. Between Pixels, card size, and number of photos.Http://…
Protective Order/restraining order?had a protective order agaisnt me in custer south dakota,but the person who had it agaisnt me said they dropped it but I would like to check there any way i can check online or a number?I cant seem to find anything.It was in custer,south dakota.
Thanks ahead of time.

Posted by Dj R
Custer SDCuster SD is Custer County you need to call
CUSTER COUNTYClerk of Courts Office hours are Monday through Friday,
8:00 a.m. To 4:45 p.m.Debbie K. Salzsieder
Clerk of Courts
420 Mt. Rushmore Road, Suite 6
Custer, SD 57730
(605)673-4816Jeanne Mann
Court Services Officer
420 Mt. Rushmore Road, Suite 6
Custer, SD 57730
(605)673-2788 or (605)394-2595

If you have your case number that would be helpful, if not they will be able to look it up with your name. Ask them what the status or dispostion is to your case. They can tell you if it is still in force, expired or dropped.

Rapid City SD area camping?Does anyone have any recommendations from experience of were to camp near the Rapid City area? There are so many places, I am looking for a place that would be good for a tent and to burn a small fire, also but not important, would like to be on a lake shore. I know i can look this stuff up, and i have, i am just looking for some recommendations.Thank you.
And a place that allows alcohol.

Posted by James
Custer SDYou might want to check out Custer State Park. It’s not far from Rapid City, and has amazing views and wildlife. One of the few places in the US where you’re likely to wake up to find Buffalo grazing just outside your campsite. 71,000 acres and a dozen different camping areas offering everything from primitive tent camping to RV spots with electric hookups, many on lakes and streams. There’s miles of gravel roads, horse trails and hiking paths that afford views of the beautiful scenery and wildlife.I spent three days there in the summer of ’08 on my way to Utah, and it is definitely on my list of places to revisit and spend more time.

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Custer South Dakota