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Do you know where some are or how to find places like this?

When I was a little kid went to north or south dakota (I can't remember which, whatever one is with the bad lands) and we were staying in a cabin. There were other cabins around that had little pastures so that you could bring your horse with for trail rides and they had a place to stay, and that way you got to stay in a cabin instead of a tent. I've always wanted to do this, and now my bf and I have 2 horses, a truck, and a trailer coming so i'd love to go do this this summer. I'm really not fond of camping, but I love seeing trails in other states and I'd like to go to Colorado and Montana as well, but like I said I don't want to camp, i'd much rather rent a cabin and have my horses in a little pasture of some sort. Do you guys know of places like this by name? Or has anyone ever done this? How did you find out about places like this?

Posted by Bandit Cue
Custer SD


are some for the Custer SD area – Beautiful riding there!

How much time should be spent at Badland and Mt. Rushmore?

I'm planning a trip to Yellowstone and we are going to go through Badland Park and see Mt. Rushmore, but i want to spend as much time as possible at Yellowstone…So would i have enough time to see everything if i arrived at badlands sometime in the afternoon (on Friday), spent the nite at the cabins they have there, and go to Mt. Rushmore the next morning (saturday morning) and then drive to Yellowstone Saturday afternoon? Or is that rushing it too much? Should I stay there another night and then go to Yellowstone on Sunday morning?

Posted by kanned0116
Custer SD

You can drive along the rim of the Badlands on the Badlands Loop Road on your way to the Black Hills. If you have time, camping and hiking in the Badlands is an unforgettable experience.

Mount Rushmore only takes a couple hours to view, although it is interesting to see the memorial in both daylight and illuminated in the evening.

Mount Rushmore is just one of many great sights in the Black Hills. Custer State Park is enormous, beautiful, and fascinating. I love Devil’s Tower. Wind Cave, Mammoth Site, Crazy Horse, Jewel Cave, and Deadwood are all very interesting.

Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks are worth several days. If you are pressed for time, I would see the following on the way to Yellowstone:

1. Corn Palace at Mitchell, SD – 20 minutes.
2. Badlands Loop Road at Badlands National Park – 120 minutes.
3. Wall Drug at Wall, SD – 60 minutes.
4. Mount Rushmore National Memorial – 120 minutes.
5. Iron Mountain Road and Needles Highway through Custer State Park – 180 minutes.
6. Devils Tower National Monument – 180 minutes.

Wedding venue in South Dakota?

I'm getting married in the fall of 2012 in my home town of rapid city south Dakota. I'm looking for a venue for the ceremony and reception does any one have and idea for a good location?

Posted by loramag4812
Custer SD

I just web searched 'places to have a wedding in rapid city sd' & quite a few things popped up.
The most interesting is the site below. It lists 16 places!
Mt rushmores washington inn custer state park resort arrowhead country club black forest inn rustic inn guest cabins …

Sounds great!


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