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Cheap place to stay in the summer?

Want to go on a summer trip with my boyfriend and our dog. We're thinking of staying 1-3 months (not in the cabin the whole time) everything is up in the air at this point but I'd love to stay in a cabin in the woods or off a river or lake for a good pice. Doesn't have to have a kitchen, but an indoor/outdoor shower would be a plus. Nothing fancy. Anyone heard or or been to a cabin/barn or anywhere in the west for the summer with great deals? Thanks for your time and help! Xo Hannah.

Posted by Hannah Phillips
Custer SD

Summit ridge cabin in western South Dakota(black hills national forest) is rented out by the U.S. Forest service, but I think they only rent it out for a week at a time. You are looking for a rental cabin, but most only rent by the night. This would make it incredibly expensive. Have you considered getting a "summer job" at where you would like to go? You could explore on your off time and make some money in the process. Most lodges in the west provide housing along with the job. The state of South Dakota takes applications for summer positions within Custer state park. Private lodges such as "Bear lodge" in Burgess Jct., Wyoming usually need people and provide housing. Most owners of cabins and lodging won't rent to seasonal people and will usually want at least a years agreement. A cheaper option is to get an RV. This gives you the option of staying anywhere you would like. It's far less expensive than rentals or hotels. Using the "fifth wheel" style camper is good because you can park your trailer and use the pickup to see the sights. Used campers are fairly cheap and come in handy for any summer vacationing. You could probably get a used starter unit for a few thousand dollars. Most campgounds have hot showers and laundry facilities. If you are adventurous you could always camp. You can camp for free on any BLM(bureau of land management) or forest service areas. You can check the rules for any area you want to go to for specifics.

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