Cabins in Custer

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Minneapolis to Mount Rushmore?

I'm planning to go to Mount Rushmore next weekend with a friend but we don't have car. Any idea if there are buses that take you to Rapid city from Minneapolis and how much they usually cost? I looked at some hotels there and the cheapest was around $65…is there anything cheaper down there?

Once we reach rapid city, how do we go to mt rushmore or/and badlands, any kinda transportation available? Lemme know. Thank you.

Posted by mmorshed2k
Custer SD

Transportation in that area is very limited. You might have to go with a group tour like Graylines or Mt Rushmore tours, or hitch a ride with someone. To get to the area from Minneapolis it would be

$65 is a pretty good deal for the area, but there are lots of campgrounds in the area- check around Hill City, Keystone or Custer. Spokane Creek Resort has basic camping cabins for around $30 and they are right outside Custer State Park in the Mt Rushmore area. That's probably the best deal. (

Cabins near Mt. Rushmore?

Me and my family are planning a trip to Mt. Rushmore in May. I have never been there before, and I am having trouble finding a cabin. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't mind a little drive but I would like to be within 30 mins or so. Thanks.

Posted by BRIAN U
Custer SD

Contact Diane at "Whispering Winds Cottages" 800-708-0212 or 605-574-9533, email is They are located at 12720 S. Highway 16. This places you between Hill City and Keystone and Mount Rushmore is accessed from either side. She has several very nice cottages there and a large cookout / bonfire area also for relaxing evenings. They are 15 min. To Rushmore, 20 Min. To Rapid City, 45 min. To historic Deadwood and Lead, 20 min. To Custer. Literally the "Heart Of the Hills". PS Tell her Joel sent ya' and if you have any more questions on the Hills area just e-mail me at

Camping when visiting mount rushmore.?

Im going to go visit mount rushmore these up coming weekend and i was wandering if anybody could tell me what would be the best place to go back country camping around that area? By back country camping i mean just hiking and putting up a tent for the night then continue hiking the next day, I dont want any RV or cabin I just want to do real out door camping.

Posted by Fernando Bustamante
Custer SD

Black Elk Wilderness Area is a potential dispersed camping area.
Black Hills National Forest campgrounds are another possibility for camping.
Wind Cave National Park and Custer State Park also offer developed campgrounds.

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