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Planning a trip to San Francisco…Need Help?

I want to stay some place where Im located near many other things….This place seems so beautiful…Im curious if others that live there think the same….I would love to visit San Diego and LA as well. (may have to do that on a separate trip) …Don't know if I will have another opportunity to visit…..Please help me with a really good location and the places that i must see……

Posted by spirit2
Custer SD

California is a big state you can't see San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco in one trip unless you plan on staying a month. If you want info on SD or LA try posting your question on the travel boards for those cities.

Any time you visit a new city it is always advisable to borrow or purchase a guide book or two. The books will give you info on weather, public transportation, maps, restaurant, hotel and attractions to see.

Here is some more info on SF since that is where you asked these questions.

Union Square is probably the best place to stay. There are lots of good restaurants, shops, theaters and clubs in the Union Square area. It is centrally located with lots of public transportation options and within walking distance of most of the tourist areas.

Driving in the city can be confusing for visitors and parking is difficult and expensive so forgoing the rental car is a good idea. Muni offers multi day passes that are good for buses, trolley, light rail and the cable cars [unique experience but $5 per ride].

Here is my Must Do San Francisco

1. Ride a Cable Car, the only moving historical landmark in the world. Stop off at the Cable Car Barn at Washington and Mason to get a full understanding of this unique form of transportation. Riding the Powell Hyde line will allow you to see Lombard Street the famous crooked street.

2. Visit Alcatraz, this former prison is the most popular destination in San Francisco. The bay cruise to and from the island will give you the opportunity to see the skyline from the water a unique perspective. It is wise to purchase tickets before you arrive as tours are often sold out Http://www.alcatrazcruises.com

3. Visit Coit Tower, Beautiful murals inside, impressive bay view from the tower or Pioneer Park at the base. Then descend Telegraph hill via the Filbert Steps on the east side of the park for a unique view of how folks on Telegraph Hill live, more beautiful bay views and the chance to hear and see the famous Parrots of Telegraph Hill.

4. Golden Gate Bridge, not just a feat of engineering, this 1.7 mile span offers incredible views of The City, the bay and the Pacific ocean. Be sure to visit Ft. Point under the bridge for a different view of this San Francisco Icon.

5. Explore Golden Gate Park, this large urban park can consume a whole day. The Japanese Tea Garden, California Academy of Science, the DeYoung Art Muesum, the Arboretum, Bison Paddock, and Paddle boats are all worth a look and watch the sun go down over the Pacific over a drink or dinner at the Beach Chalet.

6. Chinatown, the most densely populated portion of San Francisco offers an abundance of shopping, food and unique architecture found outside of Asia. The best place to buy souvenirs to take home to friends and family.

7. North Beach, traditionally the Italian section of the city which has no beach but abounds in quaint shops, great restaurants and The City’s best coffee options.

8. Civic Center, the largest collection of Beaux Arts buildings in the US. Home to San Francisco City Hall, with a dome larger than the US Capital, the Asian Art Museum and the Modern San Francisco Library with its San Francisco History Room housing an eclectic collection of city artifacts and photographs.

9. Yerba Buena Gardens, this urban park is located near the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of The African Diaspora, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the contemporary Jewish Museum, and the Metreon, it will keep you entertained for hours.

10. Twin Peaks, see The City and the bay spread out at your feet. Especially captivating at night when the lights seem to go on for ever.
Tour guide, concierge, de facto native.

Hotel Help?

Alright so here's the thing. I've lived in SD almost all my life but have recently moved away. Because I've lived there I've never had to stay in a hotel. I'm going back and am looking for a nice hotel with a view and thick walls (if you catch my drift). I'm not trying to hear the people on the other side of the wall and I really don't want them to hear me. Any help is appreciated.
I'm not adverse to traveling up to North County considering I grew up in Oceanside.

Posted by playygurl420
Custer SD

Assuming that money is not a factor:

Hotel del Coronado – drop dead ocean view and charm by the bucket load.

Hyatt Manchester – The best bay and city view.

The Lodge at Torrey Pines – Bluff side ocean view, more secluded setting.

The Sea Lodge in La Jolla – right on the beach.

L'Auberge in Del Mar – Great ocean view, relaxed setting.

The Estancia north of La Jolla – Old Spanish atmosphere, quiet and relaxing.

The Four Seasons Aviara in Carlsbad – Five star service, quiet setting and great rolling hills views.

These are all really upscale and their prices will reflect it. My guess is that the Sea Lodge will be the most affordable.

Girls Getaway CHEAP Vacation?

Okay so my group of girlfriends and I (total of 4) try to plan a cheap vacation during spring break. We live in Madison, SD (college town) and its really hard to go to places we've never been. The Twin Cities and the Black Hills are the places we usually go to but this year we really want to change it up because we're graduating but we don't want to spend a butt-load of $$$$. We don't mind air travel but we really want to keep it on the cheap side, so we can drive too. Can you help us try to find a fun place that we can visit for about $250 a person (including hotel, air & car-if needed, and gas)?????

Posted by Addie Marie Jastram
Custer SD

I have used the AirBnB website for several travel accommodations. It is the most trustworthy site on the web to find open rooms and apartments available for short-term/sublease 'by-owner' at a very cheap rate. It is def much safer than Craigslist because you can see the person and learn tons about the space before locking it in.

Try it if you'd like here: Http://www.airbnb.com/tell-a-friend?aire…

In your case, take look to rent an entire apartment, house, condo, etc. To accomodate you and your girls.. This is what my family and I used for our 6-person trip to NYC last December!

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