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Help me plan a trip to Black Hills/Mount Rushmore?

I am going to Mount Rushmore in july from the 4th to the 7th and I don't know what I'm doing and I am running out of time. Its over the 4th so of course a lot of the hotels are booked. This is my boyfriend and I, and id just like info on where its cheaper to stay like Rapid city, Keystone, Deadwood etc. And id also like some info on things to do. We've got about 1000 to spend, prolly about 100 of that going into gas. Best answer goes to the best info and the best planned out vacation. Thankyou :]

Posted by Kyndra Conduct
Custer SD

A few years ago we stayed in a super 8 in Spearfish, nice clean place..but yu better get moving when you want to go is like the busy time of the year. I think it cost about $90 a night for both of us and it offered a breakfast bar..continental stuff..cereal, toast tea coffee, danish.
When in the Black hills be sure to visit the Crazy Horse monument..1 man has been carving this huge image of him in the mountain for years.
Visit the "begging burrows" in the hills also, just bring a big bag of carrots or apples with you..WARNING..if you are afraid of large animals don't go! Soon as they spot you they will all crowd around you to see what you have, we had some try to get into the car trunk to get donuts we had!

Take a ride through the Indian reservation in the hills also I think it's called Rosebud, I found it depressing to see how these people live, but if you go you be the judge.
Black Hills are also the home of herds of Buffalo, watch the signs about them and DON'T get out of your car..they can move pretty fast and aren't to friendly.

Rushmore gave me chills, to see those heads carved in stone so perfect is something, if you go toward evening they have fireworks, you can also get a meal there.

Black hills gold is sold every place it's very pretty and beautifully decorated,

To get back to the super 8 motels, I know they are all over South Dakota, google the Black Hills and check them out..BUT HURRY and make your reservations.

Another fun thing we did was go to a chuck wagon dinner, can't recall the name but I know it was very near Rapid City. That particular one is the most popular around.

Why not take a side trip to the "devils Tower" in Wyoming, that's the tower showed in "close encounters of the third kind." It's really not to far away, and if you want I THINK you can use a trail to get to the top.

Have a good trip!

Black Hills and Badlands Advice! Los Angeles people visiting South Dakota!?

Myself and 3 other “city folk” from Los Angeles are taking a trip to the Black Hills in June. Every year we take a trip to Yosemite, but I convinced them South Dakota was a better option this year. Unfortunately, I didn’t do much research. So now I need some help to make this the best trip, ever!
1. We’re staying at a cabin in the Blue Bell area of Custer State Park (only site with vacant cabins). Do you recommend Blue Bell for first time visitors? Based on what I’ve read it seems like a family-type area. Would a group of single 28 year olds enjoy it? We like to work-hard and play-hard. So after a long hike, we’d like to relax with few beers and enjoy a campfire (without being loud and obnoxious, of course).
2. Which intermediate hiking trails do you recommend (w/ great views, wildlife, etc.)?
3. Which sites do you recommend visiting (Rushmore, Badlands, Wind Cave, Sylvan Lake, etc.), at what time of day and in what order in the trip?
Any advice is much appreciated!

Posted by Jimmy
Custer SD

Going to the Black Hills is a great choice! You will definitely wan to go to the Badlands…get out an walk around, there is nothing like it. Once You have walked around a bit, you will probably want to cruise through the rest of it. It's breathtaking, but the same after a while (still well worth it) I haven't been to Wind Cave, but I know that Jewel Cave is Amazing. I want on the 1.5-2 hr lantern Tour. It was incredible and reasonably priced! I wouldn't go to the Mammoth site, it is a little over rated. Though the museum in Rapid is rather nice..and by donation! Sylvan lake is great also, there are some lovely hiking trails there. You will also have to go to Needles Highway. Rushmore is neat. I'd suggest going at night for the presentation, but go early and grab some ice cream and hike "around" the mountain. Crazy Horse is decent…the laser show isn't that great, so you might want to go, just to say you've been there (There is a charge to get in!) Drive through Custer Park, but don't be on a tight schedule, animals like to inhabit the road. All the towns have some great food, so stop in the towns and eat! If I remember right Keystone is fairly lively at night. There are plenty of bars and casinos to enjoy also! Don't forget the HOT Springs…good times! I'm not sure about where your staying…you'll just have to be surprised. The trip will be fun, and don't be afraid to try things I didn't mention. Ask the other people at your hotel or the Desk Person, they should be able to steer you clear of Crappy Tourist Traps and some jokes from your friends about how "the black hills will be soooo great!" Order doesn't matter try a mix of lively and education/ senic driving!

PS There are places to rent ATVs and other fun vehicles and you can spend the day cruising around getting into trouble! Great times! HAVE FUN!

Going to south dakota july 18th through the 20th, need stuff to do…?

Our hotel is in keystone, need stuff to do that would be enjoyable for a forty old man and his daughters, 13 and 11. So far we have planned cosmos mystery area, mount rushmore, and this alpine sledding thing. We need some stuff reletivly close. What did you do on your trip? We'll be there friday afternoon until sunday around noonish. July 18th through the 20th.

Posted by npbdancer
Custer SD

There is a ton of stuff in the Black Hills. The Web site below hits many of the places we saw last month.

Badlands National Park is definitely worth a few hours, by the way, as is Custer State Park. Devils Tower in Wyoming probably is a bit too far, but worth investigating. Be sure to drive the Needles Highway.

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