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Suspected emotional conditioning abuse?

Granddaughter father has temp. Cust.–I had been allowed to see her and talk to her. Now I am not and don't know why. Daught. Is in military camp reserve–he took gd right after she left–hearing is in July. Everything was fine until 3 wks. Ago. From some things she said then and last time on phone–I have suspicion they are emotionally abusing her and bribing her before hearing. We live in Ohio–does anyone know what I can do to try and get her interviewed for this abuse? He isn't letting her talk to mother when she calls. He leaves house with kids and stays gone or just doesn't pick up the phone. Sheriff's dept. Says I have to have proof not suspicions.

Posted by blackfootlady
Custer SD

How old is she?? THIS would be my biggest concern!
Kids are so impressinable and what i would do , is try to find a way to talk WITH her, but not AT her……and not AGAINST or ABOUT him at anytime, no matter how hard it is….

I will try to see what i can find out about it, my first divorce was in OHIO and the county had to come to the hospital and help me get my kids from school and they even came with me to place a restraining order against my x…..The attorney and sherrifs and phsychiatrist all 3! 🙂

So depending on what COUNTY you are in…i would say, but OHIO is def against abuse.

Tracphone question: Need help?

I have a Motorola tracphone. I need access to a history of all calls to and from the phone. Tracphone cust. Rep.(unfortunately
from a foreign country) said they no not have records.
Would anybody know otherwise?
I'm on their website. I've logged into my account. I do not see a call log. This is VERY VERY important. Can you email me at with further advice?
Thanks so much Mike!!

Posted by geohoop
Custer SD

No, tracfone is in Miami!! Yes, it is a foreign county!! But, go online and you will find your call log!!

I have a tracfone….their techs always been very nice, but try them again!!

Their website is not really user friendly…

Where can I find child custody papers online?

Where can i find child custody papers online, besides going to the court house, I don't have a drivers license and I have my child all day every day, and currently living with my boyfriend who i want to leave, and we live at his moms house till we get our house done, but I don't want none of them to know what I'm doing because then it will be a world war. So if you know where I can get them it would be nice, I live in the state of Michigan. Thank you.

Posted by sweet_n_devilish0687
Custer SD

Here is a link to custody forms in Michigan. You may want to give the folks in the county child support office a call. They may be able to help you with all of this.



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