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Does anyone know of any furnished apartments in Rapid City, SD?

My husband is in the air force at Ellsworth AFB and we just got married. We are currently in Nebraska, driving to SD and I'm starting to get nervous about finding a FURNISHED apartment. We will have about 3-4 days to find an apartment and things I'm finding online aren't really helping. If anyone knows of any furnished apartments (that aren't like a buttload a month) that would be great.

Posted by Destiny
Custer SD

Check the Rapid City Journal's classifieds to see what's available. You can also contact local realtors for what they have. Rent is cheaper in surrounding communities, but you will have to drive quite a ways to get to the base or Rapid City. Getting into the "hills" is even more expensive. You will have trouble finding a "furnished" apartment. Your best bet is just to get an apartment close to Rapid and get a bed the same day. That way you at least have a place to stay. Beds can be gotten cheaply at the "salvation army" or any of the second hand stores that are around Rapid City. Buying a newspaper when you get there will have more listings than what's online. As I have said check with local realtors too. They may have other options. There was one that I seem to remember that was across the street from the Golf course(arrowhead country club) on Sheridan lake rd. That rented furnished apts. But I can't remember the name of the complex. Most will have signs out whether they are accepting applications for rentals or not. Box elder is close to the base, but there may not be any rentals, furnished or not. Your cheapest bet is to get an apartment or house that is not in a complex. Housing isn't really that tight in Rapid City, so you shouldn't have much trouble.

Is Rapid City, SD a good location for our growing family?

My husband wants to move to Rapid City, SD. I've never been there before so I was hoping to get some input on what kind of a place it is. We are coming from sunshiny Phoenix, AZ with two little boys. What does the job force look like? My hub is a computer nerd so he can find jobs anywhere but I'm an artist, so I worry about that. What is the nightlife like? Is there a particularly bad side of town? What is the crime rate like? Is there a very diverse culture?

Posted by niquelynne
Custer SD

I have been there many times and have found it to be a good city. The beautiful Black Hills are very close. Your best bet might be to do a search under "Rapid City South Dakota Demographics". It will tell you a lot. Also do a search online for the city newspaper and look at the want ads for jobs. It will give you an idea. At one time I looked at moving to Palm Springs California. I actually put a map of the city up on line in front of me and called the local policed asked them where the bad areas are. They were very forthcoming. Just a thought.

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