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Which state is better South or North Dakota? Thinking about moving.?

Which one has warmer weather and more entertainment for teens and kids?

2 Teens. High schoolers to be exact. And two grade school kids. Movies, Zoos, Malls, Hunting, Skate parks, etc. Also crime and safety, schools, entertainment, and nightlife would be greatly appreciated. ((What do they have to offer older folks?))

Posted by ThatRandomPerson
Custer SD

South Dakota has more going on than North Dakota. Sioux Falls would be a very nice place to live. I've been there on vacation and enjoyed it very much. Sioux Falls has Falls Park, The Empire Mall (lots of great stores and restaurants), low crime rate, voted one of the safest driving cities in the country (that will mean low car insurance rates), and low cost of living. Sioux falls has all four seasons, so expect a wide variety of weather.

Here is a link with more detailed information on Sioux Falls:

North Dakota has much colder weather, and often gets very high snow drifts in the winter. My Dad was stationed out there once when he was in the army, so that's how I heard about North Dakota winters.

What do you think of South Dakota?

I am asking this again because I got absolutely stupid and ignorant answers last time. If you are going to comment at least make an educated one and not something like, "What's South Dakota?" or "A place I never want to visit." or "It's one of those places nobody cares about." I think you get the point. Seriously, our country has lost all respect for each other. Soooo I'm going to ask this again…lets hope I get some useful answers….
Thanks for your time! 🙂

Posted by TaylorF.
Custer SD

I live in northern Wisconsin and used to live in Duluth, Minnesota. Still, it took me many years finally to travel to South Dakota. That came about because we were doing K-Mart portraits and some of our stores were in South Dakota. From the first stop in Sioux Falls through the entire journey to several K-Mart cities I realized how much I really really liked the state.

Ducks at the capitol building in Pierre….in late November. Grasshoppers all over the parking lots in August. The Lake. The River. The time zone change between Pierre and West Pierre. Mitchell with its Corn Palace and the Doll Museum. The Badlands, where my daughter and I were exploring one summer day and looked up directly into the eyes of a pair of bison not thirty feet away. The mountains. No mosquitoes up there. The Crazy Horse monument. Mt. Rushmore. Evans Plunge.

In fact, while my daughter and her mom spent a day at Evans Plunge, I went rock climbing in shirt sleeves in February. Green things grew along the warm stream that feeds the Plunge. It was a wonderfully warm spring-like day. The next day they got 12 inches of snow, and the three of us hiked through it to a restaurant, loving every second of it. For some reason, the snow was not as much fun back home, but to have people look at us as if we were a bit loose in the cabeza was fun.

Gigglebee's. Fairy Tale Land. Rapid City. Hill City. Hill City. Hill City. We camped near Hill City and were awed by the depth of the sky. Did I mention…no mosquitoes? Dinosaur Museum at Hill City. Standing next to Stan's and Sue's heads gave a real perspective to the size of those awesome creatures.

Some great bagels in Rapid City. The dinosaur park way up on the hill. Some wonderful friends we made at Wanblee when we visited some families we were helping through Sun Eagle. Dakota Marts were fun. Sunflower fields. Great memories. Yeah, I like South Dakota.

Is Lowell South Dakota a good place to live?

How is weather seasonally?

How is the crime rate in the town?


Posted by Account Closed
Custer SD


I can tell you a little about what it is like living in South Dakota.

South Dakota is a lovely state to live in because the people are so kind. I am from a small community in South Dakota and everybody knows each other. When you walk down the street everyone that you pass will say hello to you. You will be welcomed by all in any small town in South Dakota. If you are looking for a job in a small town, you might run in to some problems. My advise would be to look up a website for a business in a small town and call that business. If they do not have work for you, they will more than likely know of somebody who needs a good worker. Sioux Fall, South Dakota's largest city is nice as well. It has a lot to offer…good shopping, entertainment, beautiful parks, bike trails, tons of restaurants, etc. It is as good as any other big city I have been in.

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