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From New York moving to South Dakota…?

Im in the military and i just found out im moving in a couple weeks to south dakota lol… Can anybody tell me what life is like there for a 21 year old..how are the girls?..im from new york, used to big city, alotta ppl, nice cars, clothes, money…im moving to rapid city to be more specific, heard its small town and in the country..kinda opposite from ny haha…i need more info so if anyone from south dakota can hook me up id appreciate it.

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Custer SD

Hello, I'm a local to the area so maybe I can help you out.

First off, mostly everything that Robert and Esther posted is wrong. They sound like you are getting banished to a wasteland of hicks. Not so much. I also take offense to: "these people are simple folks that don't have much". Shut up. -_-

Rapid is city of about 70k people, which I like because it's big enough that we have chain restaurants like Olive Garden and Buffalo Wild Wings and shopping centers like Khols, but small enough that the crime rate is very low and everyone can feel safe walking around in most places after dark.

Agreeing with what Robert said the girls are kind of easily impressed. Many of them are "easy" too. I don't know why, honestly. Perhaps this is the same as big cities and is just a female norm. This doesn't come from having nothing, however. Anyway, they all wear makeup, and some pack it on like there is no tomorrow. Hairstyles usually remain rather plain though, and clothing varies. At the bars this usually changes.

Ah yes, the bars. The main ones in Rapid are Dublin Square, Budd Uglys, Oasis, 445, and Teddy's. There are also some restaurant/bar places like Murphy's and Thirsty's. All of these are located in the downtown area. Let's see, Dublin usually has a local band on the main floor, and then a DJ and dancing in the basement – I wouldn't recommend this if you are claustrophobic. Budd Ugly's is located on the top floor of the Sports Rock and usually doesn't get a crowd until about 11pm or so. Oasis is a very small bar with little seating, but it can be enjoyable sometimes. 445 is a cocktail lounge. And Teddy's is a nice spacious bar in the front and then affectionately named "Stabby's" in the back where the dance floor is.

The main shopping areas are the Rushmore Mall (which is dying because many stores are leaving it) and Rushmore Crossing (which is where many of the stores are moving to). Downtown also has a bunch of local stores, but I don't know if you care too much about that.

The area surrounding the city is beautiful. You will only be about 30 minutes from Mt Rushmore National Memorial, and an hour from Badlands National Park. In the Black Hills National forest there are tons of hiking trails and roadways that are very fun to tackle on a sport bike.

In the winter we have great snowboarding and skiing up at Terry Peak, and snowmobiling and snow shoeing in other areas. In the summer you can hike, go to the lake, rock climb, mountain bike, and many other things.

If you are into cars check out the forum 605 Racing (Google it). It's the local forum that the car enthusiasts to the area are part of, and can be a good way for you to make friends.

This is definitely going to be a big change for you, but try to give it a fair chance. No, we don't all own cattle, no we don't all drive/own trucks, and no we don't all wear cowboy hats. Yes we have electricity and internet, and most everyone you meet will have a smart phone. Just try to be a friendly person, and open up. Strangers will be willing to start up a conversation with you, and give you directions or information. I really think you will like it here.

What are some fun vactions places in Minnesota, Montana, or South Dakota?

My family is from North Dakota and we are taking a trip next week. We always go to Minneapolis to a Twins game and the mall, South Dakota through the black hills and all those areas, and we have been to yellowstone. Is there anything else in these states that makes a fun, relaxing trip?

Posted by Ryan K
Custer SD

For Minnesota:

Does your family like art? The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is a cool museum and admission is free. The Walker Art Center is also nice, but not free most days- just the first Saturday of each month and Thursday evenings after 5 PM. They do have the coolest gift shop (free to check out) though. Across from the Walker is the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, which is a nice outdoor area to check out.

You could take a stroll around Lake Calhoun (Minneapolis), which is full of good people watching and a nice view of the cities. Not far from there is the Uptown area, which is great for some shopping and for trying some local restaurants and coffee shops. You can also try the Northeast area of Minneapolis for more art culture and local restaurants.

There are tons of lakes and parks in Minnesota so wherever you go, you're bound to run into one of them. You could pack a lunch one day and hang out at the park, throw around a ball or frisbee or just relax under the trees. Plenty to do!

Have fun on your trip!

I am looking for the best restaurants in South Dakota?

I am spending my 10th anniversary with my kids and hubby vacationing in South Dakota instead of Mexico or someplace exotic. Anyway, with the way times are I should be happy that I am going anyplace.

So my question is where do we go for great food in South Dakota? I am a bit of a foodie and I am hoping to still enjoy some nice meals while on vacation in South Dakota. So any locals or other vacations that had a good experience please post your suggestions.

If you have anyother suggestions I will take those too. Anyplace to stay away from. Must see attractions (besides mt. Rushmore)
I will be transversing the entire state. Coming in from Wisconsin. So anywhere is good for me.

Posted by jbenishmlt
Custer SD

We live near Rapid City and some of our favorite family resturaunts are:

Sanfords Grub and Pub – They have a huge menu with something for everyone. The whole place is decorated like a junkyard and there are TV's everywhere. This is my kids favorite place to eat.

Firehouse Brewing Co.- Http://www.firehousebrewing.com/ This resturant is downtown and is in a remodeled Fire Department. Rachael Ray featured this resturaunt on her $40.00 a Day show. My favorites are the Cheesy Artichoke Dip and the Baked Pasta with Three Cheeses. The beer is good too!

Alpine Inn in Hill City- We've only been up there for lunch, but it's always good. Their desserts are fabulous!

As you're traveling across the state, stop in at Al's Oasis and have some pie, yum!

Have a great trip!

Keystone S.D. And K Bar S Lodge – South Dakota Trip 2011

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