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National parks in america…?

Where are the state national parks in america located at?
I am refering to all the state national parks in the united states only.

Posted by CliftonA
Custer SD

State Parks and National Parks are not the same thing. This is a list of the National Parks and each state they are in.
Acadia – Maine
Arches – Utah
Badlands – SD
Big Bend – Texas
Biscayne – Florida
Black Canyon of the Gunnison – Co
Bryce – Utah
Canyonlands – Utah
Capitol Reef – Utah
Carlsbad – NM
Channel Islands – California
Congaree – SC
Crater – Oregon
Cuyahoga Valley – Ohio
Death Valley – Calif/Nev
Denali – Alaska
Dry Tortagas – Florida
Everglades – Florida
Gates of the Artic – Alaska
Glacier – Montana
Glacier Bay – Alaska
Grand Canyon – Ariz
Grand Teton – Wyo
Great Basin – Nev
Great Sand Dunes – Colorado
Great Smoky Mts – NC, Tenn
Guadalupe Mts – Texas
Haleakala – Hawaii
Hawaii Volcanoes – Hawaii
Hot Springs – Ark
Isle Royale – Mich
Joshua Tree – Calif
Katmei – Alaska
Kenai Fjords – Alaska
Kings Canyon – Calif
Kobak Valley – Alaska
Lake Clark – Alaska
Lassen Volcanic – Calif
Mammoth Cave – Ky
Mesa Verde – Colorado
Mt Rainier – Washington
North Cascades – Washington
Olympic – Washington
Pertified Forest – Az
Redwood – Calif
Rocky Mts – Colo
Saguaro – Az
Sequoia – Calif
Shenandoah – Virginia
Theadore Roosevelt – ND
Voyageurs – Minn
Wind Cave – SD
Wrangell – St Elias – Alaska
Yellowstone – Idaho.Montana, Wyo
Yosemite – Calif
Zion – Utah.

What are some natural resources in the Badlands National Park of South Dakota?

I'm doing a project on the Badlands National Park, South Dakota for my Honors Social Studies class. I need to know what some natural resources are in the area? I figured that animals don't count in a National park because you aren't allowed to hunt and kill them, so what are you going to use them for. So, any ideas on natural resources in the Badlands, South Dakota?

Posted by Johnny Blaze
Custer SD

Following the animals logic, there would be no usable natural resources in Badlands National Park since it, in it's entirety, is protected.

You may want to go to the park's website if you have not already.


Camping in the national parks: Arches, Badlands, Devil's Tower?

We are planning a July trip from Grand Canyon, to Arches, Devil's Tower and the Badlands. I know the grand canyon is nuts and camping reservations are strongly recommended (and none are available at this point).

However, the other parks we plan to visit only have first come, first serve campgrounds. Our preference is to camp in the parks, and I just want realistic expectations. If we arrive late afternoon, are we likely to get a space? Anyone camped in these parks in the summer? Thanks.

Posted by DykeMom
Custer SD

We enjoy camping at federal parks for several reasons,one they are closer to nature, second we have Golden Age and Golden Access Passports and camp half price.

Grand Canyon is a problem as you stated, we have never had a problem with Devils Tower. I don't think that many people know about it or stay outside the park at the KOA.

We try to get to the park, for camping, several hours prior to the check in time and never have a problem with getting in early.

While traveling last year, the badlands we virtually empty. That could have been our travel time, late April. I can't help you with Arches as we've never tried that one.

If I'm correct, Reserve America has taken over reservations for federal parks. This is Ticketmasters camping arm. Try their web site at and set-up an account. From there you can set your camping preferances and make your reservations up to 11 months in advance. You may also see a map of the campground, not sure if this option works on all parks, and pick a site of your choice.

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