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Custer state park camping SD.??

At custer it says you pay a fee per camping unit.. It says a camping unit is vehicle, motor home, camper, tent. Etc.. So IF we bring a camper and our car. Will they charge us two fees. Does that sound right. That doesnt sound right because that way everyone has to pay 2 fees who the heck sleeps in their car almost everyone will have a tent or pop up of some sort. Also do you think if i have 3 tents that connect to each other thru little tunnels is that considered 3 tents or 1. Im so confused? Its sounds crazy to me.

Posted by Mommyof2princesses
Custer SD

My family and I have camped in CSP many times as well as other SD State Parks. It's my understanding you wonder if you'll have to pay for more than one vehicle and/or more than one sleeping unit. Your car or truck you arrive in is not included as a camper unit unless it's an obvious area to sleep. If you are able to park your vehicle on the parking pad, not on the grass, and pitch your tent or assemble your camper on the site you'll be fine. A tent that connects to another tent should still be defined as a "tent" not "tents". We have a pop-up and our girls enjoy the 12'x12' tent we pitch for them on the same site with no extra charges. I can't see any problems with your situation. You'll be fine. Oh. Don't worry about Rattlesnakes but keep a safe distance from the buffalo, they really are "wild". The Park will be one you'll never forget, I promise.

Where is custer park in america thanks.. And cheap accomadation an meet real indians intereract enjoy cultu?

We in america would like cheaper acc and car rentals .. Meet indians an relish culture .. Any other help would be appreciated by gratefull australians .. We in rapid city 3 days to take in history .. Also going new orleans for 2 days would love to meet an take in culture an interest places any help????????//

Posted by aussie girl
Custer SD

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