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My bf & I are traveling CC from Chicago to Washington State. Any ideas for interesting stops/things 2 do?

Traveling cross country from Chicago to Washington State. Already stopping @ Mt Rushmore and Yellowstone. Any other ideas?? Neat, fun, interesting, and inexpensive things to do?

Posted by fayday32
Custer SD

Follow the Oregon trail
Walls Drug So Dakota
Deadwood So Dak
custer State park and wind caves

Custer State Park, why would a park be named after such a Prejudice person?

I don't get why a state part would be named after such a mean, hateful and spitful person. That fact that a place was named after this person really grips me.
Thank you Michael S. For your service to our country!!!!
The entire White against Native American saddens me greatly.
As the loss of any truly good people.

Posted by Calamity Jane
Custer SD

There's very little difference between the word fame and infamy. I never understood why he was famous and why people like to hear about mobsters and bank robbers and other criminals like Bonnie and Clyde.

I don't get it either. I'm with you on banning all interest in hateful people like custer!

What is the best lens to use at Mount Rushmore and Custer State Park?

I am going to visit Mount Rushmore and Custer State Park this summer. I need some help figuring out what lens to buy. I bought the Nikon D3300 and it comes with a 18-55mm lens that from what I found was pretty standard. I want to take some wildlife shots and close ups at Custer State Park and was looking at the Nikon 55-300mm for those. Any suggestions? Or am I ok with those two?

Posted by Tyler Thorne
Custer SD

Considering the distance from the viewpoint to the sculpture, you might find that AF-S 70-300 mm lens the best for shooting Mount Rushmore. The 55-300 mm will certainly cover the range you need if you already have it.

Within the Custer State park, AF-S 10-22 mm will be the best choice along with your 18-55 mm lens.

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