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Great places to go camping? ?

Where is great places in the united states to go camping? I don't have a time limit but I do have a budget. Mostly on gas….what kind of car would be wise to take on a trip like this thats comfortable an good on gas?

Posted by Cameron Arnold
Custer SD

Yellowstone (WY) and Yosemite (CA) are the two most popular camping destinations in the USA due to the moderate summer climate and breathtaking scenery. But almost any of the national parks and forests are worth visiting. Expanding the scope, there are thousands of state forests and parks that are worth spending time, with Custer State Park and surrounding Black Hills/Badlands SD area being on the top of my list. You really need to decide on what part or parts of the country you want to travel before anyone can make specific recommendations.

Any vehicle can be used to go camping, it all depends on how many people and how much gear you have to take along. Since many of my camping trips are combined with off-road driving activities, I usually take my 4-door Jeep Wrangler and pack my gear on a roof rack/cargo pod, or on a small utility trailer I've customized for camping trips, or a Jeep Grand Cherokee pulling a pop-up camper, but neither of these are very fuel efficient. Many people like the more fuel-efficient Subaru Forester for camping and outdoor activities, or the more spacious Honda Element, or more off-road-capable Nissan Xterra or Pathfinder. Minivans such as the Dodge Caravan and others are also great for carrying camping gear and people, and many models have AWD to handle graded unpaved roads. But there's no reason why a Toyota Prius couldn't be used with more attention to gear selection and organization.

If you will be renting a vehicle a small SUV or minivan would give you space for people and gear and reasonable gas costs,

Warning though, gas prices are expected to hit $5 this summer, so budget accordingly.

Place to park RV in Mt Rushmore area?

We will have a 40' RV and would like to spend 1 or 2 nights near Mt Rushmore/Crazy Horse area to visit those places. We will be coming from Michigan and heading to Yellowstone afterwards. We have a car in Yellowstone but not in Mt Rushmore. Looking for ideas on where to stay. We also have 7 adults and a few places I called charged up to $5 a night for anyone over 2 people. That put the cost quite high. Not sure what town to stay in. Going Jun 20
To the poster below…it was $50 + $5 per person extra. And that is per night. We are staying there 2 nights and the other nights somewhere else. I have found some campgrounds that just charge a flat fee no matter how many you have. If that is what I have to pay then I will but if others don't charge the extra fee then why pay it. We won't be using their showers or anything, just sleep there and leave. My post was mainly for a decent place to stay with flat ground and close to both parks above.

Posted by Debbie H
Custer SD

I would suggest looking at some of the area state parks and the national forest areas. Here are two websites that may help:
Http://… This one is for the Black Hills National Forest. For your needs, I would focus on the campgrounds in the Southern and Central Hills. Most of these do not have electric, water, or sewer hook-ups, so I'm not sure if they'll work for you.
A better choice may be a campground in Custer State Park Http://… Many of these have electrical hookups and are only $24 per night. They do fill up quickly though, so I would make a reservation soon.
Good luck and enjoy the Black Hills!

Campsites near Custer South Dakota?

My boy scout troop is going to South Dakota this year and we usually stay at Custer State Park Campgrounds, but this year all the campsites are taken up and we need to find a new place. Some place where we could just set up and leave our stuff well we go explore SD. It would be nice if it was near Custer too. (We are already stoping at the badlands for 2 days by the way)

Posted by Bill
Custer SD

You have many options for dispersed backpacking campsites in surrounding National Forest lands.
Black Elk Wilderness Area is an option where I have camped near Harney Peak.
Study National Forests and Wilderness Areas of South Dakota.

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