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Black Hills, Badlands and Custer State Park?

I will be traveling to South Dakota to spend aprox seven days site seeing and hiking. I had hoped to find a camp site in Custer State park, as is Central to the main attractions.
The problem I face is all state camp sites are reserved. Will I have a problem finding a place outside of the parks campgrounds to set up?

Posted by RandyH
Custer State Park ? Badlands?

I will be spending apox. Seven days in the Custer State Park and Black Hills area of South DAkota,
arriving in Rapid City late 7/24. I Plan on staying in a motel that night and for the remainder of my trip I plan on tenting . I had hoped to find one central location to set up on and return to each night.
The problem is all of the state parks are filled up . Will I have trouble finding good camp sites outside of the state park without have reservations?

Posted by RandyH
Custer SD

You may have problems finding camping and/or motel rooms since the Sturgis M/C rally is around the same time frame. I am not exactly sure when the rally begins, normally it is within the first week of August and I think I remember it being August 9th this year.

It would be best to try and get reservations before you leave, bikers have a tendency to show up early and stay late and you are only going to be about 30 miles from ground zero.

You also will be impacted by being in prime vacation time..

Do Cafcass favor the mother?

've been reading alot online that Cafcass very rarely goes in favor of a father having full custody. I am 20, my partner is 25. He has a 4 year old child from a previous relationship. The mother dropped the little boy on us a year after he was born, and she dissapeared. We've been looking after him full time since then, shes came back into his life a few months ago and is now demanding full custody. She still gets drunk now, so much that she misses/ or is late picking him up, when he is in her care she goes out without him, feeds him rubbish (last weekend it was happy meal for lunch and dry crackers for tea needless to say he came home starving) all he says he does is play on mummys phone all day. His behaviour is disgusting when he spends more then a day with her because she lets him get away with everything, and she only wants full cust to get a house. I have done so much for that little boy, and spent so much of my own money that i worked for on him (she claims benefits and doesnt work) i may not be his biological mum but i think i am the closest thing hes had to someone whos played that role. I treat him like my own, i come from a very good background so my parents where quite horrified when they found out my boyfriend had a child and i would be a 'step mum'. But we've all got on extremely well, i absolutely love him. The mother also has a history of violence, of which on 4 occasions she got arrested for. Cafcass are involved and they want me to sign a form so they can look into my records, they won't find anything thats for sure. We are looking to relocate where my mum lives (120 miles away from where the childs mother lives) because we feel that he will have a better life (schools, parks, socialising, things to do etc) rather then being in London. I am so worried that its not going to go in our favor and we'll loose him. Has anyone dealt with cafcass before? Did they favor the mother over the father? Any answers will be much appreciated, may put my mind at rest a bit!

Posted by laceylou
Custer SD

Generally, they are not suppose to. However, the courts of CPS do tend to push for both parents having an active role in the child's life. So they are not going to push the mother out because she's bad. What they may do is develop a plan for her to help her become a better parent. Parenting class, AA, regular alcohol tests etc. This does not mean either that she'll get the child then. They are suppose to look at both parents carefully and decide which between the two is the better parent for the child. If they believe it is with the father then, he can get full custody (or residential seeing as I think you're based in the UK) and the mother gets some form of reasonable visitation. Unless the mother is an extreme danger (abusive, a danger to the child then they will make the visits supervised, but that is usually temporary until they deem the mother fit) will they stop visitation. Again, they push for both parents having an active role.

Having claims against the mother is one thing, what will help you is if you have proof of what you say. Are the arrests documented? The drunk moments? Hear say is a big no no in the custody business. Judges don't like "He said she said."

As for the relocation, if it is outside the state, county or country, you'll have to provide sufficient proof that the move is in the child's best interest.

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