Custer State Park Wildlife Loop

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If you were to take a vacation in the U.S. Where would you go and what would you do?

Not including Hawaii and Alaska.

Posted by Cheese
Custer SD

I would first of all travel on 2 wheels, motorcycle travel is way diffrent than riding in a car. You can smell and feel the difference between states. I would ride the Blue Ride Parkway and Skyline. ( did it last year and met folks from all over the world who had their bike shipped there just to ride it). I would then ride Rt 1A from the NH border to Lubac Maine, it will take you 2 days but will be blow away by the ride. I would then head west to The Black Hills Motorcycle Rally ( its Sturgis SD to us) ride the Bad lands, needles highway , and Custer's Park wildlife loop. Continue on to Devils Tower and ride till my eyes bleed. Its a big country and with a life time I still wont get to see it all.

What is the best motorcycling road in america?

Posted by Larry S
Custer SD

The wildlife loop in Custer State Park, SD.

Road-tripping between MN and Yellowstone, what should we see in between?

Planning a roadtrip this summer with my family and looking for something fun to do in between MN and Yellowstone. Only planning on being gone about a week and a half. Three older teenagers going, and 2 adults. Looking for fun, thrilling amusement parks and the best of the best in sight seeing and natural landmarks. Any suggestions?

Posted by Tori B
Custer SD

Don't know about amusement parks, but probably the biggest attraction is the Black Hills. There's Mt.Rushmore of course, and nearby there's the Iron Mountain and Needles scenic highways and Custer State Park, with some spectacular mountain scenery and massive rock formations. There's also the wildlife loop road, which is cool but you'll see even better in Yellowstone. And a few caves – Jewel, Wind, and Rushmore being tops. There's also Spearfish canyon, and a couple hours into Wyoming there's Devil's Tower, a bizarre giant rock tower rearing surreally out of the hills.

I also forgot to mention the Badlands, a couple hours before the Black Hills. Weird, colorful, eroded landscape, doesn't take too long just to drive through and stop at some overlooks if you don't fancy a scorching hot hike.

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